Hackerbot Labs Post: The Laser Box

This is the first post I did on the Hackerbot Labs blog. Check it out.

  • Alexei Nikiforov

    Why did you need all that complication with that linux and virtual machine stuff if you are Windows user? Open DMX USB was invented by http://www.enttech.com as a fully opensource dongle – it’s schematic is available freely and most part and it has a simple FTDI chipset and it has a Windows driver here: http://www.enttec.com/index.php?main_menu=downloads&pn=70303&show=downloads&name=opendmxusb and also example of C++ program to use that driver. Also OpenDMX USB is well-supported by few open-source cross-platform programs like FreeStyler http://users.telenet.be/freestylerdmx/ or some proprietary programs like Sunlite older versions http://www.nicolaudie.com or MagicQ http://www.chamsys.co.uk

  • Gnewt

    Thanks for the links to those tools :). Some I had heard of before, others I had not.
    This was basically a little way for learn some C by doing a real-world project. I really only had experience coding on Unix platforms (Linux specifically), and I wanted to be able to run the code on the Ubuntu laptop at the lab.

    It’s a little annoying to run this in a VM, yes, but it’s my fault for not running Linux as a main OS, or a second OS. I rely on too many Windows things. That said though once you have the dongle plugged into Windows and recognized by VMWare, it becomes a native device recognized by Linux, and the process from there is the exact same as if you were running it from a native Linux machine.

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