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Robot Arm Project — New Life

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m back from New Zealand. I’m just too lazy to write about it.

The Robot Arm project has been gathering some dust for a while. Code is a little slow to develop since I can only access the arm itself on Saturdays. That said, however, I’ve fixed  a problem! To connect to the Gamoto motor control board, I need a USB-Serial adapter and then a janky-as-shit serial-to-Gamoto adapter which connects to some protoboard, which connects finally to the Gamoto.  I learned Saturday that I rushed my first job in creating the janky-as-shit serial-to-Gamoto adapter and barely connected the wire to the correct pin. It was a cold solder joint, so I made a new adapter, and I wanted to share a trick that some people might not know.

When soldering wires to headers (sets of pins), you can put the bottom of the header in a protoboard, hook the wire around the pin, and solder like that. It works really well and is much easier than soldering without the hook.

Anyways, code will be posted soon. It’s currently being edited constantly in an effort to improve/optimize/extend. This is my first real Python project so I’m learning all the time.