My name is Nick, or Gnewt. I live in the Seattle area. I’ve been programming since I was relatively young and it’s still a real passion of mine. I’m a big proponent of the idea of “do something, write about it” and am trying my best to take the extra step in my projects of packaging them up, uploading them to GitHub, and writing blog posts.

I am in love with Python, though I dabble in a few other languages (namely C, JavaScript). I really like to make Cool Stuff and share it with other people.

I’m a highschool student right now, in my senior year, and looking toward a Computer Science degree.

  • a little bird told me to call …

  • Gnewt

    … a little bird?

  • mikey

    you live in bainbridge (i hope i spelled that right), right? if so i hope you remember me i was the “little Asian” that was presenting with the biodiesel group from heritage high school from Vancouver, WA. we were talking about computers, anyways i need some help with a computer repair job im doing (if possible i will send you money if your advice works). i hope this doesn’t sound creepy or weird im not good at communicating over writing (well technically typing but same brain thinking type thing) if you do somehow remember me email me and ill give you my cell (i wont put it out here in the public eye). oh i also helped your brother or friend (cant remember) set up the projector and speakers.

  • Nobody

    I enjoy reading your posts! Please post more often. :)